Guide to Festival Access & Facilities

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This photographic 12-page guide provides descriptive information about the venues and spaces where events are taking place.

The guide is not exhaustive, but does aim to provide as much information as possible so that visitors to the festival are aware of what to expect on the day.

Videos and map to accompany the guide

Going into the main entrance of All Hallows Church.

Going up the slope to the Church Rooms (at All Hallows Church) where the refreshments and accessible toilets are.

Going up the ramps to the entrance of the Gill Nethercott Centre (the foyer may be a nice indoor space for resting).

Going up the sloped path to the accessible (radar key) public toilets in Bell Street Car Park.

Opening and entering the accessible Public toilet at Bell Street Car Park.

Map showing routes

For the key to the map above, click on the small window icon to the left of “Routes from centre of town”.

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This guide is the direct result of Emily Hayward Smith’s work as Accessibility Advisor on the festival team. Grateful thanks to Emily for her invaluable advice, knowledge and experience, generously shared.